We had the opportunity to work with Breathe Yoga Studio to develop a brand identity and signage for their studio. Breathe Yoga Studio is a yoga studio that offers a variety of classes and workshops to help their clients feel balanced, centered, and relaxed. With a desire to enhance their brand image and create a more welcoming environment for their clients, Breathe Yoga Studio sought a cohesive brand identity and studio signage that would reflect their values and unique approach to yoga. Deliverables: Brand guideline that outlines the use of colors, typography, brand voice, and creative direction. Social media marketing materials templates. Brand Strategy and research to understand Breathe Yoga Studio’s target audience, mission and vision, values, and unique approach to yoga. Our goal was to create a brand identity that accurately reflects Breathe Yoga Studio’s values and unique approach to yoga. By developing a strong and consistent visual identity, we aim to create a brand that stands out in the competitive yoga industry and helps Breathe Yoga Studio grow its customer base and revenue.

Brand Identity and Web Design